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Why did the chicken cross the road? It's the question that lingers eternally in within the collective consciousness of humanity. Forever we ponder why this easily started avian is forced to put its life in danger by attempting such a dangerous venture. A venture that, should it be attempted in Quitman, GA, the bird would be arrested forthwith as such an act has been declared illegal. (Seriously.)

This is good news for any and all drivers in the state of Georgia, of course. It means one less thing on the road for them to have to look out for. And given that Georgia drivers drive an average of 17,691 miles per year (in the 7,678,360 registered vehicles throughout the state), they certainly need as few distractions as possible. Of course, given that this is The South we're talking about here, driving so much isn't so surprising. Public transportation isn't as prevalent in cities below the Mason Dixon line, so driving is a necessity. It also helps that there are lots of things worth driving to, such as the World's Largest Peanut in Ashburn, first erected in 1975. Or maybe make a jaunt to Tank Town USA, an establishment that allows patrons to do what most of us want to do when stricken with road rage or stuck in traffic: crush cars with a tank.

You'll need a car to get to most of these places, of course, which is fine because Georgia boasts more than 4,500 dealerships with cars for sale, generating about $19 billion in new car sales in 2013 alone. And if you're one of those who bought a new car, you should be sure to take it to one of the many roadtrip destinations in the state, such as the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, which tells the story of the world's most famous and beloved soft drink all the way back to its inception as a fountain drink.

Just be sure when in Dublin not to drive your car through a playground. That's against the law.

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