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You're on a road trip. You're bored. You've finished your book, the Nintendo 3DS has run out of battery and there's nothing good on the radio. You resort to the age-old game of “Find the exotic license plate.” The game-winning spot, of course, involves the lucky one who manages to spot the Hawaii license plate. It feels like spotting Bigfoot when you finally see one. You know you saw it, but no one else believes you because it's gone just as quickly as it appeared. The real question, though, is “how do they get over here?” By boat? Are they naturally amphibious after adapting to living on an island?

Cars are actually surprisingly prevalent in Hawaii despite its size. There are actually nearly 10,000 auto-related jobs in the state, serving the 899,718 registered vehicles. And even though Hawaii is just a series of relatively small islands, its inhabitants do a surprisingly large amount of driving. There are 217 dealerships in the state with cars for sale, allowing drivers to log just over 11,000 miles and $1.66 billion in new car sales annually.

What might surprise some is that Hawaii has three different interstate highways, despite not actually being connected to any other actual states. However, it turns out that to be called an interstate highway, the passage simply has to receive federal funding. Go figure. That said, there are plenty of unique roads throughout the state. Take, for instance, the Hana Highway, which has 620 curves and 59 bridges. There is not a single traffic light in Lanai, Hawaii's smallest island, which also only has 30 miles of paved road. And Old Pali Road in Kailua is supposedly haunted.

Just be sure that you don't appear in public wearing only swimming trunks. That's against the law.

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