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Very Personally Yours: 2018 MINI Convertible

MINI strengthens the progressive character and appeal of the 2018 MINI Convertible with fresh design accentuations, innovations in the field of drive technology, additional customization options and an expansion of the digital services available as part of MINI Connected. This is due to such elements as an extended range of standard features, newly designed headlights and rear lights, additional body finishes and cutting-edge connectivity technology for convenience and infotainment.

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Sometimes you want to shirk responsibility. Sometimes you want to make the choice that your personal enjoyment is the only thing that really matters. Sometimes you want to go with the option that maximizes fun and really allows you to let loose.

Sometimes you want a car that's as close to a go-kart as is humanly possible. Why? Because go-karts are awesome and you want an awesome car that's absurdly fun to drive.

That means that sometimes, what you really want is the Mini Cooper Coupe.

The Mini Cooper Coupe' isn't a whole lot of car. The go-kart comparison was made for a reason, after all. Like many Minis, it's a two-seater, but this one lacks even the most rudimentary "backseat." Instead, it's just two seats up front and then a trunk. But all that means is that there's just less weight and more room for fun.

The go-kart comparison lingers once you're out on the open road and have the pedal to the metal. There's really nothing quite like dropping the top on this baby and really letting loose. You can lean into those turns and hear the engine purr in a way that few cars allow. The Mini Cooper Coupe S is equipped with a turbo-charged 1.6L engine variant that pumps out more horsepower than the base engine. Torque is transmitted to the pavement through a short-throw six-speed Getrag G255/253 manual gearbox.

So yes, sometimes it's the best path to choose to be responsible. But you know, every now and then it pays and is just so darn fun to pick the path that's all about you. Selfish? That's a bit harsh. More like, granting a wish and that wish just so happens to be a two-seater drop top that can tear it up on the roads.
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