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New Jersey can often be seen as the sort of redheaded stepbrother to New York, and New York City especially, seen as loud and noisy. It’s certainly crowded. New Jersey has the highest population density of any city in the entire country. On average there are 1,030 people per square mile in the state, which comes out to about 13 times the national average.

As such, New Jersey is the only city in the country where all of the counties are considered to be metropolitan areas. It should be no surprise then to discover that New Jersey also has the dense system of highways and railroads in the country. All of this also means that there are ton of cars on those highways. Or to be more precise, there are some 6.6 million registered vehicles in the state of New Jersey, with drivers who log on average about 12,328 miles annually. There are about 2,754 dealers throughout the state with cars for sale to help keep Jersey residents on the road, man of which help to generate nearly $22 billion in new car sales.

Unfortunately, New Jersey is also the auto theft capital of the world. More cars are stolen in Newark than in any other city in the country, including New York City and Los Angeles put together.

Still, there are some great places to drive to in New Jersey. There’s the Delsea Drive-In movie theater in Vineland. New Jersey is actually the home of the drive-in, as the country’s first was opened in Camden. Or perhaps you could take a drive to Atlantic City, site of the world’s largest and longest boardwalk. It also happens to be the city where all the property names originated for the classic board game, Monopoly.

Just be sure that when you’re driving in New Jersey that you don’t pass someone without honking your horn first. That’s against the law.

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