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It can sometimes be easy to forget that there’s more to New York as a state than simply the gleaming, bustling island of Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs. New York City still in so many ways represents a microcosm of America: a melting pot with folks from every single imaginable walk of life all coexisting in a city that bustles and bursts with energy.

But get out of the city for a bit. Sure, NYC is an incredible location and unlike nearly any other city in the world. It might be a bit surprising to discover what else is out there in the roads that lead beyond the Big Apple. There’s a wealth of history to be found within the towns of Buffalo and Rochester as this state was one of the original 13 colonies that helped form the backbone of this remarkable country. Head to Ithaca in the fall season for a drive through some of the most beautiful backroads found on the Eastern seaboard. Or you could drive on Interstate 80, the second longest interstate route in the country, which stretches for 2,907 miles from New York City to San Francisco.

And driving is what a lot of New Yorkers do. New York City may have one of the greatest transportation systems in the world, but there are still millions of drivers on New York State’s roads. There are, in fact, 10.1 million registered vehicles driven by New Yorkers, as said drivers log an average of about 11,584 miles annually. New Yorkers also buy a lot of cars, as there are 5,418 dealerships with cars for sale, and $36.74 billion in new car sales. Those sales help to support the 302,000 auto industry jobs found in New York.

Just be sure that when you’re in Sag Harbor, NY you don’t disrobe while in your car. That’s against the law.

Top Listings in New York

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