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Stylish Efficiency: 2017 Toyota Prius Liftback

This is a hatchback that looks like a sedan at first glance. The fourth-generation Toyota Prius enters its second year as it also celebrates the 20th anniversary of its debut in Japan. The Toyota Prius delivers mid-size room in a compact package, with a design that, while bolder than before, conveys an identity that’s instantly recognizable the world over. Offered in six trim levels, the Prius caters to a wide variety of tastes and needs...


They say that practicality and efficiency are boring.

They say that there's nothing inspiring or exciting about a car that is aimed more at saving money and preserving the environment than one that's engineered for raw thrills. They say that a car like the Toyota Prius is something that only granola-crunching, long-haired, drum circle-sitting, Save The Whales type hippies want and can appreciate.

You know what's not boring? Money in your pocket that's not going in your gas tank. Not having to worry about whether or not you'll make it to the next town because your gas light came on because you get horrible gas mileage. It's never boring knowing that your car requires little maintenance and will run for hundreds of thousands of miles because it's made by one of the most consistent and reliable automobile manufacturers in the history of the industry.

And let's not pretend that the Toyota Prius hasn't evolved. Sure, its original egg-shaped model was never much to write home about in terms of aesthetic or design, but the artists have certainly made strides to make sure that the new Toyota Prius has been able to slowly transform into something that's a bit more pleasing to the eye with curves in all the right places. Yet it still maintains the integrity of design that allows it to be the standard-bearer for efficient cars within its class.

The Toyota Prius isn't going to win you any popularity contests. It isn't going to retroactively help you become class president or make you a magnet for the opposite sex.

It will, however, help you live life a little easier and with a little more assurance.
2008 Toyota Prius for sale in Leesburg VA

Mileage: 57,339
Price: $8,631
Condition: Used
Color: Tan
Leesburg, VA

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