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There are plenty of states with a bounty of natural beauty. One of the hallmarks of the United States of America is the sheer diversity on display throughout its 50 states. You can find all manner of climates, elevations and habitats from coast to coast. But few states are able to boast with such confidence their au natural state of being as Utah.

Peppered with stunning yet serene vistas, there is nothing quite like the mountain ranges, forests, lakes and deserts to be found throughout Utah. If nothing else, Utah is home to one of the most well-known vistas in the history of the world. Monument Valley is a desert, but it’s one that shaped the world’s perception of the Old West thanks to its recurring use by directors like John Ford who so effectively and iconically captured its look for dozens of Hollywood Westerns.

There’s so much to see around Utah, you owe it to yourself to get behind the wheel of your vehicle and soak it all in for yourself. Utah residents certainly do enough of that themselves as they log some 15,000 miles annually in the 2.6 million vehicles registered within the state. Anyone looking for cars for sale needs only to stop at one of the 841 dealerships located around Utah, many of which help contribute to the $5.27 billion in new car sales and help to keep afloat the 37,742 auto industry jobs found there.

Of course, if you’re looking for some solitude while on the road, you can always check out Interstate 70. The stretch of road begins on the eastern edge of the state, from Grand Junction Colorado, and ends where it intersects Interstate 15, near Cove Fort. This section of Interstate 70 is one of the most deserted stretches of Interstate in the United States.

Just be sure that when you’re driving on one of the state’s many highways that you don’t fail to give birds the right of way. That’s against the law.

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