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Vermont is a lot of things. It was the first state to be admitted to the Union after the ratification of the Constitution. Its state capital, Montpelier, is the only state capital in the country without a McDonald’s. Until 1996 it was the only state in the country without a Walmart. It has the highest ratio of cows to humans in the country. The state is the country’s largest producer of maple syrup. At times it was claimed by both New York and New Hampshire. And one of its biggest employers is also one of the tastiest: Ben & Jerry’s.

It’s also very focused on preserving the state’s natural beauty, which is a fine and noble endeavor considering how lush and rich Vermont’s wooded vistas are. As such, the state has gone to great lengths to ban things that would blemish such natural beauty. For instance, you’ll never see a billboard awkwardly jutting from the side of the road. Nor will you see highway exit signs bearing the logo of places such as McDonald’s or Texaco. Both of those billboards and signs with logos have been banned from the roadways.

This will mean that any driving you do will feel quite a bit different than in most other states. Vermonters certainly do lots of driving. About 14,295 miles annually, to be precise. They rack up those miles in the 564,628 vehicles registered on the road. And if you’re looking for cars for sale, then Vermont has 281 dealerships to help you find some new wheels. Many of those dealerships contribute to the $1.56 billion in new car sales, and help keep afloat the 10,025 auto industry jobs found in the state.

Just be sure that when you’re starting up your car in Rutland that it doesn’t backfire. That’s against the law.

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