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When you think of Wisconsin, chances are you think of cheese. Somehow this state became known as cheese central. In its defense, it is known to produce some very fine cheese and actually Monroe, WI is known as the official Swiss Cheese Capital of the World. To make cheese in Wisconsin, however, then you’re going to need to be certified and with a license. You’re no gouda without one, especially if you want to make Limburger cheese, which requires a master cheese maker’s license.

Did you know that Wisconsin was home to the world’s first hydroelectric plant in 1882? Or that the first practical typewriter was invented in Milwaukee in 1867? Milwaukee is also the home of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, the world’s most iconic brand of two-wheeled transportation.

If you’re not that into riding on just two wheels and would instead prefer four, Wisconsin has you covered. There are nearly 2,000 auto dealerships with cars for sale, many of which sold some $10.91 billion in new cars in 2013. That brought the total number on Wisconsin’s roads up to 4.9 million registered vehicles, in which the average driver will log about 14,474 miles per year. That’s pretty good for the 208,211 auto industry jobs found throughout the state.

So where should you drive to in Wisconsin? Well, there’s the Hamburger Hall of Fame located in Seymour, the supposed birthplace of the hamburger itself. Before you go, though, you should stop by the Mustard Museum in Mount Horeb to make sure your burger is properly dressed. Then afterwards, make a stop in Two Rivers, which is the home of the world’s first ice cream sundae if you want to make this the single tastiest road trip ever.

Just make sure that when you’re enjoying your tasty burger or ice cream sundae that you don’t sit on someone else’s car without their permission first. That’s against the law.

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